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Why I’m Running

Our State and Nation have never needed to be unified more than right now, and yet the two major parties thrive on and encourage divisiveness for political gain. Unfortunately, the endless two party fighting has made many citizens lose faith in our government and worry that our democracy is failing.  Here at home, the Utah Republican Party continues to wander further into the extreme "far-right" territory each year as they leave behind traditional Utah values due to being overly influenced by the National Republican Party.


Despite people’s unhappiness with elected officials, most elected officials inexplicably continue to be re-elected at unprecedented rates, perhaps due to low voter turnout, voters' fear of flipping from one extreme to the other, intentional gerrymandering by the majority party or a combination of these factors.  If we want our politics to change, we can't keep sending the same people from the two major parties back to the legislature.


If we want to strengthen our government it is time to look beyond traditional two party politics and find a new path forward.  As an elected official from Utah's very own centrist political party (the United Utah Party), I will not cave-in to the extremes of either of the two major parties.  I will happily work with Republicans and Democrats, but not for them. 


Draper and Bluffdale need a strong and independent voice in the Utah legislature to represent our local interests.  As your elected representative, I will provide that representation.


of Republicans, Democrats and Independents believe “traditional parties and politicians don't care about people like me”


of Americans say our democracy is in crisis and in danger of failing


of U.S. adults say the "parties do such a poor job representing the American people that a third party is needed"


only one-third of Utah voters gave the Legislature positive approval ratings in 2020


of incumbents in the Utah legislature were re-elected in 2020

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