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Supporting People, not a Political Agenda

Campaign Mailer:


More on the Issues:



We have many small businesses in Draper and Bluffdale.  I am a big supporter of small businesses being able to grow and thrive without governmental red tape. While inflation is an issue best addressed at a national level I will support common sense measures at the State level to help support our small businesses and address skyrocketing housing costs and increases to everyday purchases like groceries.  




We have wonderful students, schools, teachers and parents in Draper and Bluffdale!  I support our schools and will advocate for additional funding for our schools.  Discussions regarding the education of our children are critically important and the best outcomes are achieved with a collaborative and balanced approach.  I am opposed to policies and decisions regarding education that are driven by a political agenda and not the interests of the children.  I do not want our schools becoming political battlegrounds and will fight to keep politics out of our schools.  I also will advocate for increased funding and opportunities for our kids to attend college or trade school after high school.


Local Control


Most government decisions are best made at a local level.  While certain state level policies can and should be implemented, whenever possible the cities and counties should be left to work out the details of those policies.  The Utah legislature often imposes “one size fits all” solutions on our cities and counties and this practice should change.  I will advocate for State funds to make sure proper infrastructure is in place at the 146th South exit and other areas connected to the re-development of the prison site. 


Better Government


I support common sense governmental improvements to make government more efficient and responsive to the citizens including implementing ranked-choice voting or approval voting, supporting independent redistricting, limiting campaign finance donations, term limits for elected officials, cracking down on conflicts of interest, making state school board and similar elections non-partisan and increasing legal voter participation in primary and general elections.  I will be a be an advocate for transparent spending by the State and carefully watch expenditures of tax dollars.


Air Quality


Air quality in Utah’s cities has increasingly become a noticeable problem. I will support measures at the State and local level to encourage common sense policies and behaviors that can help improve air quality.  


Utah Outdoor Living


I love Utah’s outdoor lifestyle! I will prioritize making sure our mountains, trails, lakes, redrock and backcountry remain open and accessible to all.  As part of supporting our outdoor lifestyle, it is critical that the legislature take the current drought seriously and implement policies to wisely manage our water supply to preserve our ability to enjoy the outdoors.


Healthcare Costs


Healthcare costs have more than tripled between 2000 and 2020 making healthcare unaffordable for so many.  This is an incredibly complex problem, but we can begin taking actions at the State level to start chipping away at the factors that cause such dramatic increases in costs.

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